Our surveys

Internal survey

The economic health of a company depends on the efficiency of its internal employees. The internal employee survey is an effective tool throughout the employee’s life within the company.


  • Training evaluation,
  • Preparation of annual interviews,
  • Measurement of job satisfaction, quality of life at work,
  • Internal communication campaign,
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of IT services,
  • Change management…


Survey online

Nowadays, the Internet is increasingly shared by all. The online survey is therefore becoming an essential tool for collecting the information needed for your studies. Well controlled, it combines speed of execution, independence of respondents in front of their computer and interactivity.


  • Optimize study costs and timelines,
  • Demonstrate your modernity,
  • Interview your customers, your partners, with a qualitative interface,
  • Allow respondents to have immediate access to all or part of the answers….

Satisfaction survey

The satisfaction survey is an essential step in the quality management of your company. In an increasingly competitive world, listening to your customers or partners and measuring their satisfaction rate is essential.


Know the truth held by your customers on two central issues:

  • What is appreciated by your customers? What are your strong points? And how can they be further strengthened?
  • What are your weaknesses? Where can you progress? And how?


Opinion survey

It refers to a method of surveying the population to determine the dominant opinions of the population, based on the responses provided by a sample of that population.


Identify, measure, understand and analyse what citizens think on a wide range of subjects related to their daily lives, their values or their perception of society and its actors (political, institutional, private, etc.).

The three essential prerequisites for a successful opinion survey:

  • A quality questionnaire
  • An adapted and rigorous methodology
  • In-depth support in the appropriation and understanding of data