How it works

How it works ?

1- What is it to be a Dolph-Stats Consulting panelist?

By joining the DOLPH-STATS CONSULTING panelist network, you integrate a sample of people selected according to a set of criteria specific to the studies that DOLPH-STATS CONSULTING will be called upon to carry out. You will be asked to express yourself on a subject or problematic of statistical study. Your participation is free and voluntary. You are a panelist as long as you wish, it is up to you. In return, we ask for regular and serious participation, the quality of our studies depends on it. If we become aware of cheating, we will be forced to stop your collaboration.

The surveys in which you will be asked to participate correspond to your profile registered in our database, according to the information you provide during your registration and on the profile questionnaire. . Each time we have a survey corresponding to your profile, we send you an invitation to participate, either by email or by text.

3- How should I do if I no longer want to participate in your surveys?

Nothing’s easier. You inform us by e-mail of your wish to unsubscribe and you will no longer be contacted.

5- Do I have to participate in all the surveys?

No. Participation is always free and on a voluntary basis. You can participate in one survey and not participate in the next depending on your availability.

7- What is the frequency of surveys?

It is variable over time because it is partly your profile that determines your possible participation in our surveys. You can be selected to participate in a large number of consecutive surveys and then not be contacted for a certain period of time. On average, a panelist can be contacted between 5 and 10 times a year.

2- How to become a panelist?

Nothing’s easier. Simply send us an email at and we will send you a profile questionnaire to complete.

Note that the more complete the information provided, the more likely you will be contacted to respond to studies.

4- If I stop the questionnaire in progress or if I fill in the questionnaire incomplete, can I still benefit from the points?

It is necessary to complete the requested fields and go to the end of the questionnaire because an imperfectly completed questionnaire is statistically unusable.

6- What guarantees me that the data you collect from me will not be disclosed?

DOLPH-STATS CONSULTING aligns with the highest standards of the profession in terms of confidentiality and anonymity.

In this sense, you are assured that the data you provide will in no case be used for purposes other than those of being aggregated with the data transmitted by the other members of the panel.

In addition, our company is only intended to carry out market research, we will in no way seek to sell you any product whatsoever and you will never receive unsolicited commercial offers from us.

Finally, the responses you provide to us are treated in the strictest confidence. In no case will they be transmitted to third parties.

8- How to respond to surveys?

As soon as a new survey is launched, you will receive an invitation email. You will need to click on the link in the email to access the survey. The number of respondents is limited on each survey. You have a few hours to a few days each time to respond. The investigation is stopped as soon as the desired objective is reached. To receive your points, you must validate the survey at the end. Points are awarded to you within 15 days or when the survey is complete. To receive our emails the first time, remember to check your spam or spam!